Pastor's Letter Taken from the Dec 2019 Newsletter

Maybe It's Not Time to Diet
In January it is amazing to see all of the different ways we are called to do new things in our lives.  Walking through the stores we see exercise equipment and diet plans, ways to get back on track financially and ways to dig deeper spiritually. Sometimes it can feel like the bolt of energy, the motivation to do what you need, the inspiration
you desire to be motivated. Advertising, resolutions, and sales can also feel like just another time to shame you into knowing what you already hold to be true about yourself.  

It is not usually a big surprise to any of us that we have areas in our lives to refine or work harder at. So often times as we look to our new year’s resolutions they are not ideas that come as a bolt of lightning, but instead things that we want to changes about ourselves, things that we have wanted to change about ourselves for a while maybe forever.

This year I want to encourage you to think twice about that flash diet or new exercise plan. Pause before starting to read the bible in a year program. Let that fancy new devotional sit on the shelf for just a little longer. My hope in writing this is not that you are discouraged from trying new things, but that you are instead encouraged to discover the ways you’re already great. We need from, time to time, just to be reminded that we are already an awesome person. Sometimes we make resolutions not just to kick bad habits; we make resolutions in hopes that we can somehow appease and quiet that voice that always tells us we’re just never good enough. Making these resolutions will not appease that voice. Even succeeding at these resolutions will not appease that voice. But, truly living in the faith that you are made by God, and that the ways you live and move in this world are already good enough just might do the trick.

The Christ child that we just welcomed has already changed and transformed us into good enough creations through the gift of baptism. And when we remember first that we are God’s holy and beloved children, we operate out of a completely different place then the shame and fear that so often motivate New Year’s resolutions. 2019 is going to be a new year with many new opportunities. May God continue to lead you and guide your path as you enter into them. May the Spirit continue to fill you with love mercy and grace for others and yourself. May you continue to walk boldly as you, because you are already pretty great.

God’s Peace
Pastor Tim